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Kimbolton – January 13/14 2007

Well that is the first race meeting completed and quite a good time it was to.

Saturday testing was greeted by a greasy.  As Kimbolton kart circuit is only used once a month this means the track is always very green early on. Jamie was second session out on track and conducted himself in a levelheaded manner by not carving up anyone and being mindful of the blue flags whilst he found out where the track went.

Picking up speed as the sessions progressed, from start to finish Jamie picked up 6.5 seconds and started to feel confident enough to indulge in a quick spin as he searched for the limit, completing six sessions by days end.

After preparing the equipment at the end of the day, like attaching 10kgs of lead to bring him up to the minimum weight limit of 129kgs, it was off to the hotel for a much deserved shower and supper before an early night.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny but cooler than Saturday. Down to the circuit for 7.45 and start looking at Jamie’s first ever race, what to do at the start and so on. Following drivers briefing Jamie was second race out on track and he duly took his place at the back with the other novices. It was completely uneventful, he didn’t get lapped and wasn’t even classified last as a couple of other drivers were delayed by spins.

Heats two and three went much the same way.  After the third heat, Dave Lichfield, a pre-eminent driver coach and team patron with years of experience in TKM, father of Mark Lichfield, three-time British Formula A Champion who also drives for PF International team in European and World Championships, took an interest in what Jamie was up to. Having met when taking delivery of his chassis from Venom via David, there was some useful driving and setup advice for the team to help Jamie who was still getting quicker with each visit to the circuit.

Come the Final Jamie was not the last starter, which was a nice reward for having not spun-off once and only suffering one off-course excursion. At the start a couple of drivers ahead tried to trip each other up and Jamie took advantage and pushed his way ahead of them, albeit soon to be demoted, still he didn’t come in last and once again wasn’t lapped which is an achievement at a first novice meeting on a track he had only seen from the active side of the fence on the day before.

After collecting His licence with his first signature, it was back to the team and help tidy away then off home and time to think about Jamie’s 12th birthday the following day.

To sum up, a fantastic start to the racing year, faster in every session, heat and final was excellent progress, well done Jamie.

Note on Richard

Richard was disappointed that after a break of five years and three months since last racing, he was not slap bang on the pace. However, he was less than two seconds off the quickest and once he has brushed off the rust and tries a little less hard, the times will come down and the kart will respond, it will take four or five meetings to regain the pace expected.




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